5 thoughts on “Greetings MSSC! Welcome to our Employee Portal

  1. Would it be possible to have one box (Name: Branches) then you may select the branch you want to check out since we have 6 branches. People might think that we only have one branch since it is the only branch that shows here in Portal. Indeed this is cool! 🙂

  2. Can we do the request through this portal? fill-up the marketing requisition form here.everybody will really have to access the portal to do it at the same time, they will already check what are the materials available for each business.

  3. Hi, there are still MSSC Employees including the BL’s using old format for Powerpoint presentation.
    I think they are not aware about the new format from Marketing. Maybe you could send them an e-mail.

    Can we also get the newsletter and invitation here in the portal? I just want to check what are the existing newsletter that we already have and possible to use again.

    Also, please add list of IT Solutions in the portal such as: Firewall, Anti-Virus, Server Storage, Network Security and Virtualization and Back-up Solution.

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